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"Wellness for Waterpeople"

The 3 Pillars of Wellness

How to keep a healthy balance of mind, body and spirit for waterpeople

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Wellness for Waterwomen:

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Session #1:

Embracing Social Isolation With Healthy Habits

Join us as we tap into tools in your own kitchen to build a healthy immune system for your mind and body!

With Marissa Jedell,

Nix Joubert, & Giselle Carrillo

Session #2

Ocean Inspired Artist Session During COVID-19

Dust off your favorite art supplies and source your inner ocean inspiration for this session! Also enjoy a lovely drum session / poem reading with Olivia!

With Olivia VanDamme &

Kristina Young

Session #3:

Ground Into Your Own Wisdom: A Dream Meditation

From growing up with gunshot holes outside of his bedroom window, to sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra, Justin shares the power of healing through an introduction meditation.

With Justin Michael Williams

Session #4:

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Breath-work

Start to develop a relationship with your own breath, the most vital element that keeps us on this planet each day. Dig into the scientific and emotional benefits of breathwork practice.

With Nix Joubert

Session #5

Mermaid Art with Kristina

Dust off your favorite art supplies, grab a fresh canvas and get ready to source your inner mermaid for this art session! Need I say more?

With Kristina Young

Session #6:

Green Thumb 101

Rosemary and basil and sage oh my! Join this special workshop with urban gardener and farmer Marguerite, and plant your own herb garden!

With Marguerite Nesteruk